About Us was created to bridge the gap between private industry, the government and those that have served our country and currently seeking employment. Fact is we owe it to those whom have given the ultimate sacrifice for our great nation. Unfortunately, veterans as a whole are currently unemployed at a rate of 8.3% according to a recent report by Bureau of Labor Statistics* and those serving more recently since 2001 Gulf War Era II Veterans at 12.1%, these numbers are unacceptable and we need to change it. It is our organization's mission to be part of that change. Our organization believes that by assisting veterans in finding quality jobs with quality employers we will contribute to the spirit of our great nation and a renewed confidence will begin. Click Here to post available positions with your organization.

Philanthropy-Mission Statement

We believe in giving back! All jobs are $99 and run on our website for 1 year. For each job posting we will contribute $9 to the Veteran's support organization of your choice, which you can select at checkout if you like, otherwise we will make a general contribution. We only contribute/list organization that maintain an A Rating with That is right, nearly 10% of our revenue is distributed to assist veterans and their families. While this contribution is not tax deductible by your firm as we are a for profit company, the $99 is deductible as a job advertising expense on your annual tax returns.

We are patriots; we believe in this country; we believe in our people and in our government and the ideas of democracy. We are independent and have no party affiliations.